Are you interested in volunteering for the Northwood High School PTSA? We welcome your ideas and expertise!

Some available opportunities:

Directory: Beginning in September, this Volunteer works with PTSA Membership to collect all information necessary to print the Student Directory. The Directory is distributed to “youngest/only” students, and to teachers in November.

Membership: Coordinates membership drives, processes payments in a database, and works with the Treasurer to ensure accuracies of membership.

Fundraising: Designs, supports and operates various fundraising programs to meet yearly goals. Raises money for After Prom part and other PTSA-funded events, student clubs, SGA.

After Prom Committee: Event planning responsibilities; choose venue/location, plans food, entertainment, prizes, decorations, security, sales/promotions, and fundraising.

Publicity: Advertises school events in the local newspapers and social media.

Staff Appreciation: Coordinates events throughout the year approved by the school principal. Manage food and other donations provided by Northwood HS community members, PTSA members, and businesses.