Scholarships are available to Northwood High School Seniors.

Northwood PTSA Scholarship Application is available here.

To complete the forms:

Online: Please log on to your MCPS account and complete the Google Form.

Hard copy: Please print and complete the application. You can scan documents as a PDF and email them to, or mail them to Northwood HS PTSA c/o Northwood High School.

Download the Scholarship Application Instructions

Download the Scholarship Cover Sheet

Download the Scholarship Application

Awards range from $100 to $500 for graduating seniors to continue full-time or part-time education at any accredited university, college, vocational school, or organized instructional program that meets requirements for federal student aid.

Applying is as easy as 1-2-3!

  1. Complete the questionnaire. 
  2. Provide a brief personal statement and an essay of your choice (or other representative sample showcasing your work and accomplishments). 
  3. Request your transcript and (2) letters of recommendation from NHS and you’re done!

The deadline to submit your application and required documents is currently TBD (Please check at the beginning of 3rd Quarter).

Sponsor Information and Donations

​Have you ever thought of offering a Community or Memorial Scholarship through the Northwood HS PTSA?

Many local businesses, organizations, and families sponsor scholarships through local PTSA organizations – each with sponsor-defined criteria and stipulations for payment. Find out how to honor your organization or loved one with a scholarship awarded through your Northwood HS PTSA.

Contact for more information.

  • Contribute to the PTSA Scholarship Fund!
    PTSA receives generous contributions to its scholarship fund from members and community donors. We gratefully accept donations from Northwood family and community members through online contributions using the Northwood HS PTSA Donations form.

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