After Prom

What is the After Prom party?

The biggest event for our PTSA, and the most fun your student will ever have!

After Prom parties are hosted by most MCPS high schools immediately following the Prom. Most are sponsored by the high school PTSA organization. This is a party for high school students eligible to attend prom.  It is held immediately following the Prom and usually lasts late into the night!  This is a chaperoned, substance-free event, where can have great food, win prizes, participate in a variety of activities and spend time with friends!

Why do we hold an After Prom party?
After Prom parties offer the perfect environment for students to continue the celebration of Prom Night in a safe, substance-free, chaperoned environment!  It is a way to continue the party with friends, have fun, and parents don’t need to worry about where their kids are!  Statistics have shown an increase in emergency room visits, car accidents, and other incidents for teens on Prom nights.  By holding a party that offers food, fun, and prizes, we encourage teens to make good choices on prom night.  After Prom parties are chaperoned by adults.

Please, DO NOT host a private party at your home the night of After Prom.  Part of what makes our After Prom a great event is that all Junior and Senior students attend! 

Where is After Prom this year? 

The 2024 After Prom party will be held at Stamp Union at the University of Maryland, College Park. The Adele H. Stamp Student Union, commonly referred to as “Stamp”, is the student activity center on the campus of the University of Maryland, College Park.

When is the 2024 After Prom party?
May 18, 2024. Immediately following the Prom. The After Prom party usually begins at 11:30 PM and ends at 2:45 AM.
My child will need to leave early from the After Prom Party due to commitments the next day.
The After Prom party is not a lock-in.  However, if a person leaves the After Prom party, that person will NOT be allowed to return and re-enter the party. On the ticket purchase form, parents must designate how their student will leave the After Prom party.  You may always come to the After Prom and sign them out.

Who can go to the After Prom Party?
Any Northwood High School junior or senior student who is in good standing.  A student DOES NOT have to attend Prom to attend the After Prom party.  Also, any Prom Guest of a Northwood High School Junior or Senior.

Is there anything parents can do?
Volunteer to help set up or to chaperone the After Prom.  Donate door prize gifts.
Again, please DO NOT host a private party at your home the night of the After Prom party.  Part of what makes an After Prom party a great event is that most Junior and Senior students attend!

How much does the After Prom ticket cost?
To Be Determined (TBD, generally $20 – $40 per ticket)…and for the price, your student will enjoy a midnight snack, the chance to win great prizes, access to fun activities, and have a great night with their friends!

What kinds of activities will there be at the After Prom party?
Food, fun, music, raffle prizes, and games.

Is the event chaperoned?
Yes!  We have up to parent volunteers to help and chaperone.  Want to help?  Visit the Volunteer section of this website or click the SignUp link below.

How will I know if my child is actually at the After Prom party?
We will call the parent of any student who has not arrived and checked in at the After Prom party by 12:30 AM.  Calls will begin at approximately 1:00 AM.  Therefore, if you do not get a call, you will know your child is safe with us.

How can I get involved?
Come be part of the After Prom committee! 

Make a donation!  You can do so on the After Prom tab on our website.
See the Prize SignUp to make a prize/gift card donation.

See the Volunteer SignUp for details on how you can volunteer.

2024 Committee Chair: Jillian Newby

After Prom party