Want to Volunteer?  Please sign up below or contact one of the officers listed below.


Officers & Parent Volunteers

We need you as a parent to help in any capacity you can. This is a Volunteer Organization in which we as parents/guardians try to do what we can to help OUR kids have the most successful and best time at school. So, if you have a talent you can share, an item you can donate, time on your hands, we NEED it ALL !!! Let’s make 2019 a GREAT year for our kids…

President: Ms. Robin Watts – ladybirdwatts@gmail.com

Vice-President: Ms. Andrea Verbrugge – kaverbrugge@netzero.net

Treasurer: Ms. Cathy Shrestha – catmando6@verizon.net

Secretary: Ms. Jenn Sawin – jennsawin@gmail.com

Membership: Ms. Jenny Espinoza – jennye627@yahoo.com ( Need one more person who can help reach out to our Ethiopian population and speak Amharic)

Northwood Cluster Coordinator: Michele Moller – northwoodcluster@mccpta.org

NAACP Rep: Tamara Overby – T.overby@verizon.net

After Prom Coordinator: Ms. Jillian Newby -northwoodafterprom1@gmail.com

Teacher Appreciation:  – Ms. Ashley Marchionini- ahmarch@hotmail.com &

Ms. Maryse Mills-Apenteng :- mills-apentengm@sec.gov

Fundraising Coordinator – Mixed Bags, PTSA Flea Market/ Yard Sale – OPEN

Mini Grant Coordinator-Aundrea McBride – aundrea.mcbride@gmail.com                                         John Wilson :- wilson@jdwilson.net                                                                                                     Tamara Overby

Moderator for Listserve – John Wilson –  wilson@jdwilson.net

Northwood Delegate: Amarilis Lugo de Fabritz  – amarilis@bugbytes.com


Roles of Board

Executive Board:

President: Oversees all actions and events of PTSA. Chair monthly Executive Board meetings. Provides leadership and support to various committees, as needed. Works closely with school administration.

Vice President: Attends monthly meetings. Supports president as needed.

Treasurer: Deposits all PTSA checks into the bank account, issues reimbursements and balances checking account. Works with Executive Board over summer to come up with proposed budget for upcoming school year.

Recording Secretary: Attends monthly meetings, takes minutes made easier by committee members submitting written reports via email. Sends email reminder messages of monthly meeting to Executive Board and committees.

Delegates (2): Attends monthly (every other month with 2 delegates) PTA Council of MoCo meetings and reports back to PTSA at monthly meetings. (Reward: Be in the know on all things going on in the county in re: schools)


Directory: Beginning in September, works with PTSA Membership to collect all info necessary to print Student Directory. The Directory is distributed to “youngest/only” students and teachers in November. – Open

Membership: Coordinates membership drive, processes payments in database, works with treasurer.

Fundraising: Designs, supports, operates various fundraising programs. Raises money for Post Prom Party and other PTSA-funded events, student clubs, SGA. Post Prom Party Event Planning: Plans party, includes food, entertainment, prizes, decorating, security, promotions, and fundraising.

Publicity: Advertises school events in local newspapers. Open

Staff Appreciation: Coordinates  principal-approved events throughout year. Food items donated by generous NHS parents and PTSA budget.

SAT Prep Classes/AP Prep Classes: Coordinates SAT prep classes with administration/staff and makes fliers. Submits schedule to PTSA website.

School Improvement Team: Represents the PTSA on this school-wide committee for meeting county and school goals for achievement.

Volunteer Coordinator: Compiles list of volunteers from paper forms and online forms. Provides each committee chair with list of parent volunteers in Fall.

PTSA Bylaws