What is AfterProm


What You Need to Know

  • Where is AfterProm?

    Stamp Union at University of Maryland

  • Can I go to After Prom if I don’t go to Prom?                                                                 Yes, as long as you are a Northwood Junior or Senior.
  • Who can attend Northwood After Prom?                                                        Northwood After Prom is ONLY for Northwood Seniors, Juniors and their dates. Dates must either be Northwood students OR have a Prom ticket. Prom requires a permission form to bring your date who is not a Northwood student, and that is not an option with After Prom-only tickets. You may bring your non-Northwood date ONLY IF they have a Prom ticket. That means that if you and your date who is not a Northwood student wish to go to only After Prom, you still have to buy Prom tickets.

Why not take full advantage of the evening and attend both events?!

  • What do I wear?                                                                                                                        Casual, comfortable clothes. Stay within the school dress code.

Where do I change clothes for After Prom?                                                                   You can change at After Prom.

  • What MUST I bring to get into After Prom?                                                                   You must show your Northwood Student ID and either your Prom ticket OR After Prom  ticket
  • What CAN I bring into After Prom?                                                                               NOTHING except your phone, ticket and ID! After Prom is a hands-free event and you won’t be allowed to carry anything in except your phone. ALL items will be coat-checked and you can pick them up when you leave. Ladies, this includes your purses.